Using simulation modelling to facilitate stakeholder engagement and joint decision making at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust were planning a major capital redevelopment of services at Springfield Hospital, Tooting. It had proved impossible to agree with the five local CCGs, and local authorities, exactly the bed numbers required in this redevelopment, and the changes in community services required to support those bed numbers. Our task was to model and propose a pattern of services which would enable local agreement, and the redevelopment to proceed.

Following simulation modelling and a wide engagement process, we proposed a pattern of beds and community services which was agreed by all parties.

Client comments

As a provider delivering a complex transformation programme across a range of interconnected services the need for external assurance by way of future impact was essential. The process of engaging staff in the modelling process increased ownership and transformational planning transparency.

The final report enabled the Organisation to:
• Provide external assurance to support the Board Assurance Framework
• Provide evidence of continued delivery levels to commissioners
• Act as a reference point in internal and external consultation documents
• Support a workforce capacity planning approach
• Act as an anchor for a number of delivery projects within the transformational change programme”