How to optimise capacity and demand for mental health services

We all know that demand for mental health services is increasing, putting further pressure on resources. 

At Mental Health Strategies we have worked with a large number of mental health trusts helping them get the most out of the inpatient and community resources they have available. We have learnt many lessons along the way, some of which we share in this briefing paper

Sim:pathy is our proprietary discrete event modelling tool that delivers detailed analysis and forecasting of capacity and demand specifically for mental health services. Undertaking a Sim:pathy project enables you to ensure your services are safe, effective and efficient by providing:

  • A sustainable and deliverable service model
  • Evidence-based understanding of nature and volume of services required
  • Engagement of multiple parties aiding successful implementation
  • A clear case for change to present to stakeholders

There are solutions to the bed overspill problems that mental health trusts are often facing and we can help you find them.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your specific demand and capacity challenges.

Read the briefing paper How to optimise demand and capacity for mental health services.pdf