Mental health support to Emergency Departments

We are aware mental health trusts have received non recurrent funds to assist acute Emergency Departments. Our recent joint acute ED and mental health trust work in London shows mental health patients are four times more likely to account for 4 hour breaches. This is often due to three interacting causes:

  • Limited ED staff mental health awareness and training;
  • Fragmented care pathways from ED through to liaison psychiatry services and beyond; and
  • Communication and documentation issues between the ED and liaison services.

Whilst additional staffing and bed availability will always help you should not ignore more system based issues such as the above.

We would be delighted to discuss our work with you and any assistance we could offer be that for example:

  • Reviewing (& modelling) the current pathway, its pinch points and blockages;
  • Reviewing staffing & care delivery models;
  • Assessing the complete the urgent and emergency mental health pathway; and
  • Helping you evaluate changes from an expert external perspective.

Feel free to contact us to discuss further.