Financial planning

All of us who work in mental health care know this: understanding and realising opportunities for service change very often requires us to “follow the money.” This can mean:

  • Identifying opportunities for efficiency savings, or productivity improvements
  • Costing change at the strategic level, with patterns of investment, savings, and reinvestment
  • Costing invest-to-save initiatives
  • Brokering financial agreements across partner agencies
  • Ensuring fair distribution of costs and benefits across partner agencies – from formal rebasing exercises, to the development of bids for new developments
  • Preparing formal business cases for capital and revenue investment

We have unrivalled expertise in this field. For ten years, we were chosen by the Department of Health to undertake national level analysis of spending in mental health services, work which continues to be cited; and we are mental health specialists, who understand where the real opportunities and financial pressures lie.

All of this means that we are uniquely placed to give you financial plans which:

  • can realistically be implemented;
  • bring challenge where required to existing ways of doing things; and
  • are based on robust understandings of what can be expected of high quality mental health services

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