Organisational development and culture

Establishing a culture of compassion is critical to the future success and survival of our healthcare organisations and systems; and as such is emphasised within national policy guidelines and frameworks.

Having compassionate organisational or team culture(s) increases staff engagement and improves performance; which in turn leads to safer services, improved patient outcomes, a learning organisation and a better standing with local, regional and national audiences.


We work with Executive Boards and Senior Leadership Teams to help them:

  • understand the systems and process that might be acting as barriers to the development of compassionate care and recovery focussed cultures;
  • design whole system interventions to model, support and sustain compassionate teams and leadership behaviours;
  • understand the nature of the leadership challenges (at all levels) within their organisation;
  • develop the necessary skills and capabilities to address those challenges;
  • identify desired cultural values and behaviours; and
  • move beyond action plans to embed positive and sustainable change in their organisation or across organisational boundaries.

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