Service evaluation and review

We hear much about “innovation.” This risks simply meaning “untested” – unless new ideas are fully and carefully evaluated.

Our emphases in approaching evaluation projects are always:

  • to take a pragmatic, real-world approach – with an emphasis on talking to people directly to find out their ideas and experiences;
  • to ensure robust methods produce useful and reliable evidence;
  • to work with client services to debate the evidence as it emerges – and to shape and improve the process of implementation; and therefore to…
  • improve the quality of health and social care available to patients, their families, and the wider community

We have 25 years’ experience of working with services to research, promote and support effective service models. We have, for example, evaluated:

  • An eleven-site collaborative approach to care planning.
  • A four-Trust partnership to develop collaborative mental health services.
  • A first response service, integrating urgent responses to people with acute mental health needs.
  • An approach to integrated care in community hubs, spanning health and social care.
  • A series of developments in primary care, including direct access physiotherapy, and community-based “health pods”.
  • Introduction of integrated practice units in a mental health provider.
  • Carers’ experiences of community-based integrated care.

We offer both formative and summative evaluation, seeking, by means of data analysis and interview, to review independently and improve the implementation of new services. In this way we identify not only what has happened, but also propose why it has happened – what it is about the interaction between the changing services and the local context which appears to have produced the results observed.

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